Friday, 21 March 2014

We're Jammin'- Jam Jar

I first caught these guys at my favorite open mic night “Sessions 58” at Looking Glass cocktail bar on Hackney road. I love this night for its intimate family feel and the Jam Jar guys completed the scene perfectly. It was a particularly busy night at Sessions and I was sitting on the floor crossed legged between a stranger knees. It didn't feel uncomfortable. Did I mention there was candle light? All we needed was the camp fire. Jam Jar are 3 twenty-something guys from t’up north. Harry, Joe and Adam come complete with guitar, ukulele, Cajon and lush, intense harmonies. They introduced themselves with a humble Yorkshire slur explaining that they've recently moved to this city and they’re gonna be working the London circuit. They weren't lying. Since that cold night in January I have seen them at every open mic night I have been to. And their name on the fixture list of every live music night in town. They have clearly been working hard. And it’s paid off. They were signed to Pete Watermans label, PWL, last month. They are definitely worth checking out. Their re-work of covers songs makes them rather unique on the open mic scene. I always appreciate an artist that makes a cover sound like it should be their song. These guys are the master of that.

 I caught them again last night at “JamTart” open night at Floripa, Shoreditch. (Another top notch open mic night that deserves a blog post of it owns) performing the “Before the jam” set. It can be a difficult set to play. The bar is busy but while you do get the open mic musos coming in later on in the evening, the majority of the audience from 8pm is the last of the after-work crowd, normally a bit worst for where- last night they had a stage invader, a guy desperately wanting to wish his mate Jan a happy birthday. Jam Jar had no problems holding the attention of this audience. They have an unassuming confidence that filled the room. The last time I saw them it was their cover of Daft Punks' "Get Lucky" that gripped the room. They performed a good few original songs last night and they were as polished and tight as the cover songs. Their cover of MGMT’s “Kids” had everyone singing and dancing along. Musos and Jans' friends alike.

If you want to check them out, lucky for you they seem to gig every night. Catch these busy boys:

Tomorrow night- 23/3/14- Vins Night In, The Hospital Club, St James (guest list only)
Sunday night-  24/3/14- The Trinity, Borough.           

Stalk their facebook and twitter for more info on upcoming gigs.