Saturday, 26 October 2013

Name That Tune

Sitting in on a Friday night (because I'm just that cool), I sat at the dinning table with my little bro David, side by side, heads down tapping away on the devices that have we have learnt to depend on: our iPhones. We were wakened from our Apple induced coma by a sound that filled the room. But what was this soulful song with house beats? Was it the radio? Perhaps a busking street band? No no. It was coming from the television. It was the sound of Tesco's. F&F Tesco's clothing line was being advertised and the sound that it came with managed to grab our full attention in seconds. In perfect sync David and I closed whatever app we were browsing and went for the music handbook: Shazzam. Shazzam is still the app that impresses me the most. I have no idea of the level of technology involved in it's ability to name a song title and artist after hearing 30 seconds but it blows my mind every time. However, in the time it takes to register that I like the song, open the app and wait for it to load before commanding it to "listen"...that 30 second advert is over and we're left sat listening to the "go compare" jingle. So what do you do when Shazzam just isn't quick enough? (sorry shazzam I still love you...grovel grovel grovel!) If it's an advert then just have a quick visit to It turns out David and I are not the only people hunting for songs we've heard on the box. It's understandable. The scale of these campaigns are immense and I'm sure big money and mind power goes into the choice of music to ensure that it does just that- grabs our attention. Remember the song, remember the advert. Need I mention Phil Colins and the drumming gorilla? So, I had a little scan of tv ad music and I found these absolute jems. Songs I didn't even know I wanted to know. Here's the ones I liked best.

F&F Autumn/Winter 13
Ben Pearce- What I might do
So here it is. The song that spark this post. This track is available for download on itune. Get involved.

Selah Sue- Spoonful
Bradley Cooper, ice-cream and a bloody nice tune. Bravo Haagen-Daz. Bravo.

Elayna Boynton- One Room Paradise.
Sure, the little doll family freak me out as well. But I can't help but sing along to this one.

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