Thursday, 11 July 2013

Don't worry, be happy :-)

Hello blog world. Life is good in here. People greet with a thumbs up when they pass by and it’s full self expression and loving communities. But let me tell you something. The real world isn’t always fragrant with daisies. Sometimes it’s hard just to stay happy within our daily struggles and juggles. So I wanted to start my blog with 3 songs that turned my frown upside down today. Music is an international dictionary of emotions and today I’m looking at “H” for Happy J

Blurred lines- Robin Thicke ft. T.I., Pharrell :
I have recently declared that I was moving away from commercial music in a bid to find some organic inspiration. However, like most of the world I have not been able to resist the sultry drum beats of this tune. This songs makes you want to move and it smells like Summer! “Eeeeverybody get Up”

Heart of life -John Mayer
I have recently become a devote John Mayer fan. Only about 7 years  late, I discovered his 2006 album "Continuum" in March of this year and it’s been plugged into my ears ever since. I’m not exaggerating, I played it on repeat for 4 hours yesterday. The emotional journey of this record is immense but "Heart of life" is the definite pick-me-up of the Album. The message: sometimes life is crap, but at heart it's good.
Here he is live in LA

Three little birds- Bob Marley
This is my ultimate happy song. It was my alarm song for a number of years and was the perfect message to start my day feeling positive (until I ungraded to an iPhone and couldn't work out how to do it). I bet you've never seen this video.It needs little introduction. Just listen, bounce and smile. :-)

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