Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Song's for Amy

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the death of Amy Winehouse. Although not necessarily a shock, her passing was a sad day for British music. I'm a massive fan of Amy's songwriting and style. I feel she led the way for stripped back British female artists such as Adele, Palama Faith and Emelie Sande.
I seem to find myself looking for and attracted to artists with Amy's flair. Lots of people (myself included) choose to cover Amy Winehouse songs but few are able to capture her effortless soul. However I had the pleasure of seeing a young girl called Rosie Holloway (@Rosieenglishrose) perform at one of my favorite open mic night's, #sessions 58 at The Looking Glass Cocktail Club in Shoreditch. She sang with such simple emotion, I felt it was such a beautiful tribute to Amy and want to share it with you all. I have so much to say about #sessions 58 jam nights I have to save it for another post. But for now follow it on twitter, Google it, Youtube it. Do what ever you have to do to get yourself there on a Monday night. Check out JamesGuitar's channel on youtube for videos.

Here's Rosie.

Stronger than me- Rosie Holloway feat. Ike Lee on Sax:

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