Sunday, 18 August 2013

Thank Funk it’s Friday: The Blues kitchen Camden

Since joining the 9 to 5 world a few months ago (actually it’s 8.30am-5.30pm but who’s counting?), I have come to understand the essence of the Friday feeling and why my facebook news feed is littered with “TGIF” statuses from 7am on a Friday morning. Quite frankly there isn’t much more exciting than after- work plans on a Friday evening. I have once or twice found myself skipping out of the office like a kid in a playground on the last day of term. It’s bliss. Last Friday, my good friend Annie and I headed down to The Blues Kitchen on Camden High Street to get our weekend off to a swinging start.

This bar-diner host live music every night of the week and it draws a crowd in consistently. The weekends are particularly busy; I would recommend booking a table should you want dinner. And you should want dinner because the food is fab. It’s an American diner style kitchen with a great selection of burgers and barbeque foods. Fail proof. The menu is physically big enough to shelter a small family from a storm. The bar is small but has a cool vibe. It brings in a real mix. The dress code says “casual” but there is the usual Camden mix of converse's and platforms. The bar staff look like they would hang out here even if they weren't obliged. I wished maybe a few more of them were obliged to be here on this particular Friday evening because it sometimes felt impossible to get served. Though, this is to be expected in a busy London bar. Prices are on the higher side but again this is to be expected.

The band went on around 10pm and the crowd were ready for them. Friday night is Soul Night and tonight was dedicated to the music of Sly and the family stone. Count me in. I wouldn't necessarily name them in a list of my all-time favourite artists but I have never been one to resist some serious funk, especially when it’s live. The band were made up of The Blues Kitchen’s resident musicians and they were tight and slick as expected. The singers had soul by the truck load. The female lead did a beautiful rendition of “Que sera sera”. My favourite thing about this band is my favourite thing about watching any good band: they looked like they were loving it. I love seeing the electricity between the musicians, when the keys player gets hyped during the sax solo, or when the guitarist feeds off of the singers rifts. I love it when they love it. And that room was one big mass of loving it. Oh and the drummer was wearing a funky hat. Did it make me want to “Dance to the music”? Yes sir.

All in all, it was a really fun night. I ate, drank and danced my blues away. 

111-113 Camden High St
twitter: @TheBluesKitchen

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